Here you can find all key informations for frequently asked questions about our large and thin tiles.

What are CERAMAX Hybridceramics made of?

CERAMAX HYBRIDCERAMIC is mineral based. It contains clay, granite, metamorphic rocks, silicate minerals und ceramic pigments.

Is CERAMAX Hybridceramic flammable?

CERAMAX Hybridceramic is nonflammable. The fire reaction depends on the product-type and is classified with A1 | A2.

What is the CERAMAX handling like?

The handling of CERAMAX plates is comparable to the handling of glassplates.

While handling CERAMAX, what should i pay attention to?

Do not place the CERAMAX plates directly onto any surface like concrete, stone or metal.

Is it possible to lay CERAFLOOR and CERALAM onto existing floor coverings?

Yes, they can. Please check existing floors like natural stone, marble for it’s solidity and adhesion to it’s ground it has been laid onto. Please remove PVC and residue glue completely.

Please check any wooden floors for their solidity and possible adhesion. Only solid wood floor covering can be used which are well connected to it’s ground. It needs to be certain that the wood will not expand and stay stabile for the needed planarity.

Please also check existing floor coverings | floor grounds for their flatness and planarity. For more details take a look to our technical guide.

Is it possible to lay out CERAWALL and CERALAM onto exterior walls?

CERAWALL and CERALAM can be laid onto concrete or cement plaster exterior walls. For more details take a look to our technical guide.

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